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At Northern Metal Fab, it is our policy and our commitment to our customers to establish open communications regarding your order and appropriate, safe access to our shop floor for inspections and other work related to manufacturing your project.

When visiting Northern Metal Fab, we will be absolutely open with you about your product. In order to focus on making your visit efficient and effective, please follow this proposal.

  1. Schedule your visit with us: This will ensure that appropriate NMF personnel are available and can assist you.

  2. Sign in at the reception desk: All visits begin at the front desk. For security, safety and emergency reasons, we absolutely need to know who is in our facility and the name of your NMF representative.

  3. Wear safety glasses and hardhats: All visitors to NMF must wear safety glasses and hardhats at all times when on the shop floor. Furthermore, if your visit will involve leaving the open pathways in the plant, we request that you wear steel-toed shoes. Your NMF representative will provide you with safety glasses and hardhat before entering the plant.

  4. Stay with your NMF representative: Visitors to NMF's shop floor should always be accompanied by an appropriate NMF employee who is familiar with your visit's purpose and your needs.

  5. Request information and photographs: Any information you need regarding your product can be requested through your NMF representative. We are well equipped with cameras should you need visual documentation. For customer confidentiality reasons, please ask your NMF representative before taking any photos with your own camera.

  6. Respect our job shop environment: At any given time, our job shop is manufacturing multiple products for multiple customers. In order to maintain customer confidentiality for you and our other customers, we ask that you not inquire about products you may see that are not yours. Requests for this information will be respectfully denied.

  7. Sign out at the front desk: Please let us know you are leaving by recording the time of your departure and exiting through the front office.

Should there be valid, business-related reasons that this protocol be modified to meet your needs, we will work with you to accommodate your requests.

Thank you for your business and for your assistance making your visits to Northern Metal Fab a vital and productive part of our business partnership.



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